Thursday, June 20, 2013

Planning for a Unique Golf Destination - Go for China Golf Tour

China Golf Tour
China Golf Tours

China as an emerging destination for golf players and is fetching great attraction around the globe. If you are planning for luxury golf tours you must choose Mission Hills Golf resort. Well!  You must have no doubt on the enormity of the country like China.  Undoubtedly China is a vast country and is known for emerging destination for golf players. As I know, people have growing interest in games and particularly golf. Chinese golf players are participating in world renowned championship across the world and their potential can not be subsided.

China Golf Packages
China Golf Packages

The country has nearly five hundred golf courses with state-of-art facility. Different areas designed meticulously bring considerable notice of the players. You can select areas according your suitability and choice. What I think that spring is the most suitable season to play golf in China. From my previous experience I would suggest to my fellow golf players that it you have planned to go for unique golf destination you must choose China Golf Tours that offers you special packages. This not only saves money but also you precious time. You get maximum significant time to concentrate on your lovable game.

Mission Hills
Mission Hills
I have a good experience with China Golf Tours that facilitated me throughout the journey. It offers golf vacations and holidays for Chinese golfer to various other places as well. Get an opportunity with China Golf Tour to visit Mission Hills Golf Resort that has best recreation and sports facilities.  I would really love to share this fact that this premium golf resorts offers best golf experience.

You can easily reach Mission Hills that takes not more that fifteen minutes rum from Haikou International Airport by driving. A China Golf Tour package offered by China Golf Tourism is really refreshing and exciting that I have experienced and usually suggest my fellows. I hope you would be experiencing this luxury golf tours very soon at smart economical packages.

Friday, June 14, 2013

Experience The Best Golfing Holiday With Mission Hills Golf Resort

The world of golf has changed a lot in the recent past. In China too, golf is played with great interest and enthusiasm and there has been many golf courses across the city. Some of the major cities that have golf resorts are Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Hainan etc.

Here, we will talk about the Mission Hills golf resort in Hainan that is one of the biggest golf resorts with various other facilities. It is situated in a very famous tropical island with beautiful seashores and coastlines. It is also one of the desired tourism destinations pioneering the development of luxury China golf tours and its culture.

If you are looking forward to take a golfing holiday then mission hills golf tours would be an ideal option. You can opt for any of the tours provided by China golf tours and all these tours come with various golf packages. As per my knowledge, one of the finest golf resorts is in Haikou. Including 10 golf courses, it is also known as ‘Golf Macau’ because domestic golfers have their golfing holidays here all the year round. Each of the courses offers the best golfing experience for all the national and international golfers. You can reach Mission Hills Golf Resort within 15 minutes by driving from Haikou International Airport.

China Golf packages include Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum packages. Interested tourists can opt any of these packages according to their needs and budget. These golf packages will help you to enjoy your golfing vacation with an opportunity to explore the winner of various international awards.