Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Experience Exotic Golf Getaway at Mission Hills Golf Resort

Golf is one of the most exclusive, expensive and exotic game across the globe and is liked by everybody due to the excitement and luxury involved with the game. Golfers always plan to explore new golf courses and golf destinations to experience the beauty of the game. Golf as a game is very expensive and unaffordable to majority of people across the globe. To experience the golf at different destinations, golfers are inclining to Asian countries because of the low cost golf packages and services offered. China is becoming the most popular destination these days for golfers across the globe.

Mission Hills Golf Packages
China Golf Tours

China is a very big country having across 500 golf courses in the country making it the hottest destination for golfers to explore different golf courses and that too at quite affordable prices. Mission Hills Golf Resort is world’s most famous golf resort located in China. It is the right place for golf enthusiasts to experience golf in a most exclusive environment. This international resort is very famous among international golf players across the world. Spread across 20 square kilometers, it has green bed of grasses designed perfectly to give amazing experience to players. Located in a close proximity to Hong Kong International Airport, across the hills of Shenzhen, it has become the epicenter for Golf Lovers.

Mission Hills Golf Resorts
China Golf Resorts
Many travel agents and golf promoters are actively involved in promoting Mission Hill Golf Tours across the globe. The resort has hosted some of the biggest Golf Tournaments and events so far. It has some amazing courses liked by many world class players, to name a few are – Vijay Course, World cup Course and Ozaki Course, etc. The resort is becoming popular gradually among common people also who do not play golf professionally or as a hobby.

Mission Hills Golf Tours
Mission Hills Golf Resorts
The resort has a lot to offer to people coming there to play golf or to enjoy the luxury and ecstasy. One can buy Mission Hill Golf Packages to enjoy vacation or an exotic golf getaway with friends or family. Many golfers and travelers prefer complete package that includes everything right from transportation, travel fares, food and stay.  We would suggest you to book Mission Hill Golf Tours to experience world class environment and amazing experience of meeting and playing with international players and people.